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In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring 07341 474234   ....More

Covid Cases by Postcode area
Want to know what the rate of cases of Covid are in your postcode area? village? then you can look here, either enter your postcode or you can zoom in on the map. ....More

Priority for People : Melksham 2021
PRIORITY FOR PEOPLE : MELKSHAM 2021  is an initiative to kick start a movement and mobility strategy for the town and its community as part of what will need to be a wider and time critical response to climate change.  As well as linking ....More

Neighbourhood Watch Survey
MESSAGE FROM NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH 2021 CRIME AND COMMUNITY SURVEY LAUNCHED For the second year running, we want to hear your thoughts about crime, community, and how effective Neighbourhood Watch is. ....More

Increase in Wiltshire Covid Cases (data as of 18th Oct)
 3,024 cases in last 7 days  599.9 cases per 100k people in last 7 days  338.2 cases per 100k people in previous 7 days There has been a considerable increase this week. Please keep doing the simple things – wash hands, wear ....More

Market Place Public Toilets
Members of Melksham Without parish council visiting the Public Toilets in the Market Place on Wednesday 13th October with Town Council officers and members to discuss the results of the recent Town Council survey on usage and make recommendations on ....More

Weedspraying in the parish w/c 4th October
Melksham Without Parish Council's contractors are weed spraying every road in the parish over the next day or so. A trial with a non glysophate weedkiller is taking place in the parish council's car park so that it can be regularly monitored ....More

Berryfield Community Speed Watch in action today (5th Oct)
Berryfield Community Speed Watch team on duty this morning in the sunshine...... if you would like to join the teams of volunteers in combating speeding in the parish then please get in touch with the parish council in the first instance; there are ....More

Formal 'making' of theJoint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan 2020 - 2026 Following an independent examination and a positive referendum result, Wiltshire Council have decided to formally 'make' the Joint Melksham Neighbourhood ....More

Information on Use of Drones
Flying Drone Information: No Matter What Size Drone You Are Flying EVERYBODY Must Comply with these Drone Laws: The Drone Code – The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) published The Drone and Model Aircraft Code in October 2019, which is clear ....More

HAVE YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO OF THE EMERGING BYPASS ROUTE ? You can watch here Melksham Without Parish Council will be holding two public meetings w/c 19th July to hear the views of parishioners to help formulate ....More

Precept & Budget 2021/22
Melksham Without Parish Council Precept & Budget 2021/22 Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept the Precept ....More

How to Join a Virtual Council Meeting
Joining a Virtual Council Meeting 

The Parish Council Meetings are currently being held remotely due to the current Covid-19 pandemic but as residents and interested parties you can still participate virtually. Please click here for instructions on how to Join a Virtual Council Meeting. 


Precept and Budget 2020/21
PRECEPT & BUDGET 2021/22:   Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept the Precept at the previous level would ....More

Privacy Notice & Data Protection Policies
For details of the parish council's privacy notice and Data Protection policies please see the section "Council Policies" under "Your Council" from the main menu. ....More

Privacy Notice
The information you provide (personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, organisation) will be processed and stored to enable us to contact you and respond to your correspondence, provide information and/or access our facilities ....More

Pre-application meetings with developers welcomed
The Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to hold meetings with developers at early pre-application stage in order to discuss the needs and requirements of the community and how any potential future development could meet or address these. Please click ....More

Want to keep in touch?
Want to keep in touch? Follow us on facebook Melksham Without Parish Council or Teresa Strange (Clerk) for additional community news, on twitter @melkshamwithout and melkshamwithoutpc on instagram. ....More

The news page we hope will keep you up to date on what is happening with the Council. We also wish to hear your views and thoughts on our activities and any ideas that you may have to improve life within our community.

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