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Melksham Without Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council

Parish Councils - sources of useful information

There is now a wealth of information and guidance about parish councils and how they can help the local community.

Some useful sites are:-

Campaign Creator - www.campaigncreator.org
Community First - www.communityfirst.org.uk
DEFRA - www.defra.gov.uk
Department for Communities and Local Government - www.communities.gov.uk
DTI - www.dti.gov.uk
ICO - www.ico.gov.uk
Info4local - www.info4local.gov.uk
Local Government Association - www.lga.gov.uk
Local Government Improvement and Development - www.idea-knowledge.gov.uk
National Association of Local Councils - www.nalc.gov.uk
Planning Aid - www.planning-applications.co.uk
Public Works Loan Board - www.pwlb.gov.uk
Salisbury City Council - www.salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk/
Swindon Borough Council - www.swindon.gov.uk
UK Villages - www.ukvillages.co.uk
Wiltshire Association of Local Councils - www.wiltshire-alc.org.uk
Wiltshire Council - www.wiltshire.gov.uk
Wiltshire Intelligence Network - www.intelligencenetwork.org.uk