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Melksham Without Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council


Council Meeting Update
Melksham Without Parish Council Office Closed   Following the recent Government advice,  Melksham Without Parish Council have taken the regrettable decision to close their office to the public. Office staff can be reached ....More

In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring 07341 474234   ....More

Alzheimer Support class returns to Bowerhill village hall
Alzheimer’s Support has reopened its friendly Movement for the Mind group at Bowerhill. It is now meeting once again at Bowerhill Village Hall every other Wednesday morning from 10.30am. The group warmly welcomes people living ....More

Temporary Road Closure A350 (Lacock) 7th - 9th June
NOTICE of temporary road closure Mon - Wed 19:00 - 6:00 7th - 9th June A350 (Part), Lacock Description: carriageway resurfacing, ironwork adjustment, road markings and associated maintenance All the details are here https://one.network/?tmi=20161328....More

Footpath improvement on Bowerhill Sports Field
Melksham Without Parish Council have cleared and reinstated the Right of Way footpath across Bowerhill Sports Field, the council hopes that walkers will keep to the path and prevent wear and tear to the edge of the football pitches. You ....More

Latest update for public art at Berryfield
Plans progressing with the public art for the village hall to be constructed at Berryfield with the Steering Group signing off the artist's concept last week - a piece of art on two of the hall elevations, reflecting the shape of the canal. ....More

Working with BRAG & Area Board new seating in Bowerhill
Site visit to agree the final positions of new seats and picnic benches being installed this week. A joint project of Melksham Without Parish Council, BRAG with 50% of the funding from the Melksham Area Board. #jointworking ....More

Site visit for new equipment for Shaw Playing Field
Site meeting with reps from CAWS, Melksham Without Parish Council and the Shaw Hall Committee to agree the siting of the equipment for the Playing Field. The equipment will be installed mid May. A joint project of all 3 organisations....... ....More

Temporary Road Closure Woodrow Road 31/5 - 12/7
Please note that there will be a temporary road closure in place from 31st May to 12th July on Woodrow Road, for a new sewer construction to alleviate flooding in the Melksham foul sewer network, more details here https://one.network/?tmi=2048872....More

Statement of Candidates Nominated for Election
WIltshire Council have a dedicated page for the May 2021 Elections https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/elections-2021 where you can find out information regarding polling stations, how to register for a postal vote and details of the candidates for ....More

Wiltshire Police relaunch Community Speed Watch
There are some great Community Speed Watch teams in the parish, if you would like to get involved, please get in touch (currently teams in Shaw & Whitley, Woodrow, Beanacre and Berryfield). The parish council would like to revive the Bowerhill team.........More

Wiltshire Police responds to community road safety concerns
Wiltshire Police responds to community road safety concerns  Please see article by Wiltshire Police (9th March 2021)  https://www.wiltshire.police.uk/news/wiltshire/news/2021/march-2021/wiltshire-police-responds-to-community-road-safety-concerns/....More

Wiltshire Council report on A350 Bypass consultation
Report details consultation responses on proposed A350 Melksham bypass Wiltshire Council has published a report on the recent Melksham bypass consultation, which shares the views of the public, businesses and local stakeholders, such as ....More

Dedicated website page for Elections 2021
Wiltshire Council have a dedicated page for the May 2021 elections, whether you are interested in standing for Wiltshire Council or the parish and town elections (including Melksham Without Parish Council), or want to know how to register for a postal ....More

Information for prospective candidates for May Election
Are you interested in becoming a councillor and standing at the May elections? If you missed this Wiltshire Council webinar, or need a recap, here is the recording: https://youtu.be/mNjJn_9q1ls....More

MWPC response to the LOCAL PLAN REVIEW
On Monday 1st March 2021, Melksham Without Parish Council unaminously approved their respnse to the Local Plan Review, this is a joint response with Melksham Town Council and the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. You can read their submission ....More

New Ward Map for parish elections in May 21
Following the Community Governance Review in 2019/20, there are new parish ward arrangements for Melksham Without Parish Council for the elections on 6th May 2021.  The Beanacre, Shaw, Whitley and Blackmore Ward will have 4 councillors, the Bowerhill ....More

Maps for new Wiltshire Council divisions for May elections
The 98 Wiltshire Council divisions were reviewed and amended as part of the Community Governance Review during 2019/20.  This means that for the elections on 6th May 2021, there will be three Wiltshire Council divisions that cover the parish ....More

Precept & Budget 2021/22
Melksham Without Parish Council Precept & Budget 2021/22 Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept ....More

Meetings available on Youtube
Council meetings are currently being live streamed on Youtube, and you can watch them by looking for Melksham Without Parish Council or clicking here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAlGcoeNCJEtN8kADUcNqWg?view_as=subscriber  you will normally ....More

How to Join a Virtual Council Meeting
Joining a Virtual Council Meeting  The Parish Council Meetings are currently being held remotely due to the current Covid-19 pandemic but as residents and interested parties you can still participate virtually. Please click here for instructions ....More

Annual Financial Reports 2019/20 & Right of public to inspect
Annual Reports 2019/20

To view the Annual Governance and Accounting Statement for the year ending 31st March 2020 click here. For the council's Year End Accounts click here and for a report on its compliance to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 click here

Details of the Council's income and expenditure of Solar Farm Community Funding and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) are included as a separate statement in the published Year End Accounts.   The parish council publishes all income and expenditure as an appendix to it's Full Council meeting minutes (published monthy on it's website) and so therefore does not publish a separate list of expenditure over £500.

The dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights are commencing on Tuesday 1st September 2020 and ending on Monday 12th October 2020.  

This period is later than the parish council usually sets each year. This is due to several reasons all related to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  The first being that the Annual Governance and Accounting Statement was not approved by the Full Council until Monday 27th July, this is a month later than it usually is done and reflects that the Full Council had not met since 9th March. Secondly, the parish council office is still closed to the public, and it is hoped that by holding the period to exercise public rights a few weeks later will mean that some lock down measures will have eased and those members of the public that have been shielding feel more confident in visiting public venues, and the staff more confident and comfortable in accepting visitors into the office setting. 


Precept and Budget 2020/21
PRECEPT & BUDGET 2021/22:   Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept the Precept at the previous level would ....More

Privacy Notice & Data Protection Policies
For details of the parish council's privacy notice and Data Protection policies please see the section "Council Policies" under "Your Council" from the main menu. ....More

Privacy Notice
The information you provide (personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, organisation) will be processed and stored to enable us to contact you and respond to your correspondence, provide information and/or access our facilities ....More

Pre-application meetings with developers welcomed
The Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to hold meetings with developers at early pre-application stage in order to discuss the needs and requirements of the community and how any potential future development could meet or address these. Please click ....More

Want to keep in touch?
Want to keep in touch? Follow us on facebook Melksham Without Parish Council or Teresa Strange (Clerk) for additional community news, on twitter @melkshamwithout and melkshamwithoutpc on instagram. ....More

The news page we hope will keep you up to date on what is happening with the Council. We also wish to hear your views and thoughts on our activities and any ideas that you may have to improve life within our community.

Please respond to any information on this page by clicking here and putting your views on the comments form.